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Little moon mountain wolf ✨
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Scarab, oil on board, Trisha Thompson Adams
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Bunny lovers, there are now only 2 “Some Bunny" prints left from 2012. These are the last prints available and will not be restocked. $10 each.
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New works in progress ❤️
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Spring cleaning 💗
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Omen prints
Hey! I'm an artist as well, and wanted to say how beautiful your work is! Stellar job! You are an inspiration. Keep the beauty flowing. namaste.

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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Galaxy scarab in progress
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Studio helper
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i just came across your tumblr and oh wow am i blown away. who/ what are your biggest inspirations? i see a lot of constellation/ galaxy/ nature themes. ps: i'm a virgo too :)

Thank you. :) I’m very much inspired by nature, anatomy, and astronomy. I feel they are very much full of life and full of death, and I find that very intriguing/beautiful. 

As for artists, I’m inspired by so many people…but here’s a few of my favorites…

Katherine Rutter

Rebecca Ladds

Cally Jo

Charmaine Olivia

Abbey Watkins

Amanda Mocci

Leslie Ann O’Dell

Im so jealous.. Ive been studying astronomy for years since I was 8 , and everything representing it always leaves me speechless. Your art is just amazing , Im definitely ordering one of them.. I was just going to ask if youre ever thinking about publishing tutorials or just tricks of drawing astronomy/galaxies .. I would loooove to watch them ! :) and ahhh youre amazing ! keep it up !

Thank you! Sometimes I film paintings in progress, so I’m hoping to post some soon. :)

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Since I didn’t have the ingredients to make a pi pie, I painted one instead. Hope you all had a great pi day!
Hello !!! I have a question. What is your job? Could you give me all the details, please?

Full time artist. I paint, draw, make jewelry, and sell prints (also commissions). :)

On average, how long does it take for you to complete a painting?

In general, I’d say it takes 5-10 hours for oils, 1- 5 hours for watercolors. Floral Anatomy Skeleton took about 20 hours. 

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