Ive been feeling a bit down these days because i first thought that id never success as an artist, but seeing your work reminded me again how much i truly love art and i dont care bout what comes ahead because ill be happy as long as i do what i love

I’m so happy to hear that! Thank you so much <3


when i die make sure my corpse has winged eyeliner

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Painting moonwings
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Mushroom sketchin 
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Lunar White Moth
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Working on new paintings and new necklaces ❤️
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Celestial mermaid 💜✨
Hay. I was wondering if you earned enough money as an artist to live off of it?

If I was single it would be pretty hard, but yes, I could get all my needs met (this would be like a small cheap apartment, no nice phone, biking everywhere, no cable, etc). Fortunately I don’t have to live just off my income, but I will say I’ve been doing this for about 2 years now and it honestly keeps getting better and better each month and each year. So in the future, I would easily be able to live just off mine. 

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Sale continues! For my HP friends, this little gal is still available (original &amp; a few prints). Free shipping with code SOLSTICESALE 
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In honor of summer solstice I&#8217;m having a huge sale in the shop! There&#8217;s a sale section of prints + artist proofs + originals already marked down. Most of these are older prints/works and will not be reprinted or restocked once sold out. Also, get free shipping off all items in the shop with code: SOLSTICESALE http://tinyartshop.etsy.com/
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A little piece in the works to commemorate my 2 year anniversary as a Texas resident. :)
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Floral Anatomy Skeleton in a white Victorian frame. &lt;3
You inspired me so much, Thank you! Amazing works and style you got there :))

Thank you! :)

what inspires you?

Life! But more specifically, astronomy (especially galaxies and nebulas), human anatomy, animals, nature, dreams, folklore, human culture, Occultism, my cat…so many things really. 

do you go to art school?

Yup! I have a BFA in studio art with a minor in art history. School is expensive, but I busted my ass for scholarships. Art school helped me open my mind to more conceptual ideas as well as open me up to new mediums that I was too afraid to try (ceramics, jewelry making, printmaking, even watercolor!). 

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